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Professional IT Support

SME Technology provides IT support and outsouring by experienced engieers. Our engineers has experiences on differents firms and holding different

professional certificates. To ensure our engineers who are providing professional and up-to-date knowledge for our valuable customer, regular IT professional courses are providing and some of them are holding a bachelor degree in HK.

On the other hands, to update our customer IT knowledge, we are welcome to organize different internal course for training

Emmergency IT Support

We understand that most of the SME may have less than 5 employee in HK office and industry in China. They may not need the regular IT support even outsouring. To ensure we are available for such customer, we are providing the Emmergency IT support service.

Data Backup and Recovery Solution

Nowsaday, data becoming a asset of company. It stored the clients and company confidential information. In your company, you may use the desktop folder share function for the data sharing. However, this solution is available to solve part of the data sharing purpose, but did you imagine that once the harddisk crash, your company may lost all the data. Or your staff needs a whole data for the data entry again? To assist SME, we will provide the low cost, high performance and high return solution for differnt valuable customer
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