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SME Technology has passed the certificate test on BSS (Stock Trading)System in 2009 and OAPI (Future / Option) System.

BSS is a Broker Supplied System with HKEx Open Gateway (OG) connectivity offering real-time trading and risk management capabiities to financial institutions. Multi-user supported workstations allow brokers to configure the application to best fit the needs of traders, clients, management and compliance officers. With a modular architecture, clients can seamlessly integrate BSS with our Back Office System or third party vendors' systems

OAPI is an Open Application Interface system with HKEX HKATS. SME OAPI is a multi-user supported system and allow trader to configure their application speed, interface layout, shortcut. On the other hands, we provides the real-time PnL, position management and special compliance officers interface.
+ What is BSS?
AMS/3 Open Gateway Interface for Broker Supplied System

The purpose of the Interface Specification is to provide functional and technical information for brokers to develop an interface between Exchange-provided Open Gateway (OG) and their in-house Broker Supplied Systems (BSS).
+ SME Technology BSS (SME-BSS)
+ Feature of SME-BSS
- Real time Price with Trading Interface
- Real time PnL Interface
- Real time Compliance and Dealer Interface
- Able to feed real future and option price into Stock trading system
- Support "High Frequency Trade"
+ Component and Network of SME-BSS
- Special API with Excel for Price Feeding
- Special API with Excel for Trading
- Special API with Excel for Order Monitoring
+ Advantage of SME-BSS
- Trader, Dealer, RO or others is able to tailormade their interface with SME API
- Trader is able to feed the future price into their own spread-sheet
- SME API is able to assist the CBCC high frequency trading
- Trader is able to tailmade their interface easily
- Trader is able to write their own auto trade program
+ Global / Asia / HK Market Trend
In Dec 2011, the HKEX has ugraded the AMS from version AMS3.5 to AMS3.8. Afterthe system upgraded, the trading system's processing capacity has been increased by about 10-fold to 30,000 orders per second, scalable to 150,000 orders per seconds.

From the system upgrade and market news, we understand that the HKEX will like to invite the high frequency trader into the HK stock markets. However, the current stamp duty and spread is one of the blocking point. We do believe the HKEX will/may do some adjustment on it.

To be the same direction with HKEX, SME Technology has modified our existing system on BSS and OAPI system. We do and provide the high-frequency trade for you. So, the word "High Frequency Trade" is not owned by Investment Bank, Fund or Hedge Fund already.

They CAN, YOU CAN. Should you want to know more, welcome to contact us
+ What is OAPI?
HKATS is a transaction-based network system. Trading on HKATS can be conducted through HKATS Click workstations or independently supplied workstations connected through Omnet Application Programming Interface (OAPI).

The API is the customer interface to HKATS. The interface enables programming of fast and reliable business transactions. All trades are synchronous and sequential, i.e., the API processes only one transaction and process at a time. However, a single transaction may contain many operations, requests or orders, forcing central resources to process different requests concurrently.

Through the use of the API, Exchange Participants can connect their in-house trading front ends, clearing and risk management systems to HKATS.
+ SME Technology OAPI (SME-OAPI)
+ Feature of SME-OAPI
Feature of SME-OAPI
+ Component and Network of SME-OAPI
Component and Network of SME-OAPI
+ Advantage of SME-OAPI
Advantage of SME-OAPI
+ Global / Asia / HK Market Future and Option Trend
Global / Asia / HK Market Future and Option Trend
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